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Pianting, poem writing and other nick nacks

Today whilst painting our new house, and as it was starting to take shape, i came to the realization that i love to paint. I find it therapeutic and relaxing. I also love to decorate and make our home nice and comfortable. I love making it our sanctuary where we can come home, relax and just be happy and enjoy both our immediate surroundings and each others company.

And at times i like to dabble in write poems every now and then when i'm inspired to do so, my main inspiration at the moment is my wonderful and darling husband who means the world to me. I'm by no means a poet nor expert but i do love to try.

There are a few other things that i'd love to try my hand at and one of them is being a D.J. when Ron finishes and sets up his radio show. We will see how that goes. Till then, i'm just a work in progress.


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